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Get Ready for $50 Million Powerball!

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This Thursday the 15th of April 2021 is the massive $50 Million Powerball! It’s your chance to become a multi-millionaire, with a life-changing prize. Could your Powerball results make you the next Powerball winner? 

How to Play Powerball

Before you can start dreaming about being a Powerball winner, you’ll want to make sure you’re actually in the draw. The old saying is true - you have to be in it to win it! 

To play Powerball:

  1. Get your ticket! You can buy tickets easily online at Oz Lotteries. If you prefer to buy your ticket in person, you can head to your local lottery retailer.  

  2. Enter the next Powerball draw. Choose your ticket type, number of games to play, and what numbers you want to play (or for a random selection, choose QuickPick).

  3. Make sure to get your ticket before the draw closes at 7:30pm AEST. 

  4. Finally, get ready for the Powerball results!

Powerball Winners

Looking for something to keep you occupied while you wait for your Powerball results? Here are some of our favourite stories of lucky Powerball winners to help inspire you.

Winning Powerball Numbers

No one can predict the winning Powerball numbers. But some insights into the most popular and least frequently drawn numbers might help! We’ve put together an article on some Million-Dollar Powerball Numbers with some handy info and tips on playing.  

$50 Million Powerball Results

While it’s fun to play, the most important part of playing Powerball is checking the results. Without those results, you could have won the lottery and not know about it until it’s too late! Fortunately, Powerball results can be easily found here on Lotto Results. We post them shortly after the draw, so watch this space!

Best of luck! 


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