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Powerball: Results and Winners

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Powerball is one of Australia’s most loved lotteries, thanks to the high jackpots and record-breaking prizes. If your ticket matches the Powerball results, your life will never be the same! Learn about some of the astounding Powerball records and hear about some Powerball winners. 

Powerball Records

Powerball is known for its record-breaking jackpots and prizes. In fact, 2019 was a year of Powerball records, with fourteen Division 1 winners sharing in more than $541.87 million in prizes! In January 2019, the record for biggest individual lottery win in Australian history went to a Powerball winner after his prize of $107,575,649.08. The record for highest jackpot prize ever offered was not only broken in July 2019 with $110 million Powerball, but again in September 2019 with a mind-blowing $150 million jackpot. 

Powerball Winners

Double take for Powerball results

A retired couple from Townsville, QLD were in disbelief upon learning their ticket’s Powerball results. They are now Powerball winners, with an incredible $8,948,153.83 prize! The woman spoke of how they had to check their lotto result twice before getting the correct Powerball results. The couple initially checked the results when the numbers were shown on TV, but by the time they got a pen they had only seen a few. She later jested that her husband may have got the numbers wrong, after confirming the winning ticket once they got hold of the results the next morning! 

The couple turned to each other in shock, while the woman began to cry. After working hard all their lives, they couldn’t comprehend a win so large from one ticket. She continued, saying, “I’ve never even won a hanky before. We’ve never won anything!”. The couple looks forward to using the funds to help make a difference with some family members and charities that matter to them, and a nice diamond ring for the winning lady. 

New South Wales’ $80 million winner 

In March 2020, a Port Macquarie man was revealed as the sole winner of the $80 million Powerball jackpot. The man, who purchased his ticket online from Oz Lotteries, was oblivious to the winning news until he read the results of his ticket by email the next morning. The recently retired winner now holds the title of the third biggest individual lottery winner in Australian history! 

Upon learning the news, the man spoke with lottery officials to confirm the win. He admitted that, “with so much going on in the world now, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed!”. The winner shared that this was a perfect time, having had a difficult few years, battling drought and bushfires earlier this year. He hopes that the windfall will make his family’s life so much easier. The down-to-earth man had made no life-changing plans as of yet, but admitted he would like to use some of the money to upgrade to a satellite TV to get better stations. 

Congratulations to the lucky winners on their amazing Powerball results!

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