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What Do Lotto Winners Spend Their Winnings On?

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Many of us can relate to dreaming about winning the lottery. It’s a hot topic when it comes down to it - what would you spend your money on if you won the lotto? Lottery officials have done the research and have revealed what Australian lotto winners spend their winnings on.

A decade ago, it would be fair to guess that lotto winners might buy a mansion, yacht, or head off on a global holiday. However, with the pandemic and other concerns for the future, those goals and purchases have shifted.

In a year like no other, there were 484 division one winning entries in 2020. Collectively, these lotto winners took home over $1.24 billion in prize money! Here’s how they spent it.

Sharing and donations

Over half of the winners (52%) shared their prize. Whether helping out family and friends, or donating to charity (almost 28%), the players were very generous. In fact, over a quarter of those surveyed revealed that they shared their winnings with over 10 people. The sharing included random acts of kindness, paying it forward for meals and groceries, and sharing with their neighbours.

Investing and setting up home

With the turmoil of the last couple of years, many lotto winners were eager to use their winnings to set themselves up for the future. Some looked to an early retirement or future travels. But investing money (59%), helping family and friends (52%), and buying a home or paying off their mortgage (57%) were the three most frequent plans for lotto winners.


Despite the varied ways of spending the money, there was one thing they all had in common. Celebrating the win! From cups of tea, to takeaway with the family, they describe the moment as a once-in-a-lifetime experience that brought hope to them and their family in tough times.

A majority shared the news with their partner or immediate family, while a stealthy 11% kept the secret to themselves!

Overall, lotto winners had three key pieces of advice, if you’re lucky enough to join their winners’ club.

1. After the news of your win, take a moment. Plan your next steps.
2. Enjoy! Celebrate and share the winning feeling with your loved ones.
3. Strike a good balance between your enjoyment and the best use of the prize money.

You can read all the details from lottery officials in the 2021 Winners Report, including some fascinating infographics and stories!

Best of luck!

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