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Million-Dollar Powerball Numbers

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Powerball is one of Australia’s favourite lotto games, with jackpots reaching up to a record-breaking $150 Million! Whether you play every week or just on the odd occasion, it can be confusing to decide which numbers to play. But there’s no need to worry – we’re here to answer your top Powerball numbers questions and give you statistics on the best Powerball numbers to help you when you play.

Is it better to play my own numbers or a QuickPick?

While many players have their own way of playing lotto numbers, neither is necessarily better. Both options have equal chances of winning and have resulted in previous Powerball winners. Some play numbers that have meaning to them, such as birthdays or anniversary dates. Others will choose to QuickPick their tickets and play random sets of numbers. 

However, if you are choosing your numbers, it is important to remember to select your numbers from the full range of numbers. Powerball’s main numbers range from 1 to 35, while the Powerball is drawn from another set of numbers ranging from 1 to 20.  Those that play their own numbers using special dates can only use numbers from 1 to 31. In Powerball, the main numbers go to 35. This means you could potentially miss out on the jackpot by leaving out 32, 33, 34, or 35.

What are the best Powerball numbers?

If your Powerball results are failing to impress, why not try changing your numbers? While each number has the same odds of winning, these statistics about Powerball numbers may help you choose your next set of Powerball numbers.

Hot Powerball Numbers – main numbers drawn most often.

17 - 7 - 9 - 2 - 11 - 14 - 20

Cold Powerball Numbers – main numbers drawn the least.

15 - 34 - 31 - 33 - 6 - 13 - 5

As for the all-important Powerball number - the number 19 has been drawn the most, while 18 has been drawn much less often and the longest since being drawn!

How many Powerball numbers are needed to win the jackpot?

To win the Powerball jackpot, players must match the 7 main numbers drawn and the Powerball. However, to win any prize you just need to match any 2 main winning numbers plus the Powerball.

Can my main number be the same as a Powerball number?

Yes, you can have a Powerball number the same as a main number. The numbers are drawn from separate number pools.

Is there a secret to winning Powerball? 

Some winners claim to have found the secret to winning lotteries like Powerball. Unfortunately, most are fake or a scam. There is no secret or single way to win in lotteries. However, the old saying is true - you have to be in it to win it! 

Feeling ready to try your luck with your Powerball numbers? We look forward to seeing you again when you come back and check your Powerball results!

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