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From Student to Retiree: Meet the Latest Powerball Winner!

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Imagine winning the lottery and never having to work again. For one lucky Brisbane man, that dream has come true! The latest Powerball winner is now $20 million richer and getting ready to retire... in his 20s! The winner wishes to remain anonymous, but shared his lucky winner’s story with lottery officials.

The winner is a university student from Brisbane. As the only division one winning entry in the 17 December 2020 draw, he is taking home the entire $20 million jackpot! 

When he first learned the Powerball results, the man could only laugh. The lucky player admitted to buying the lucky ticket just before the close time for the Powerball draw. He explained that he had been meaning to get a ticket earlier in the day but had been kept busy and only got around to buying it later that evening. 

The new multi-millionaire confessed that winning the lottery had always been a dream for him. Whenever he read about lottery winners, he would think, “it’s going to be me next time.”

The latest Powerball winner is already making plans for his early retirement. As a university student, he’s eager to swap exams and textbooks for free time and financial freedom. He plans to relax more and focus on family and friends. Above all, he’s eager to share the windfall and never work again!

“People give their whole lives to work, but I’m going to put my family and friends first.”  

With $20 million in the bank, the winner is able to make some bigger steps as well.

“There’s also some charities I support and now I’ll be able to give them even more.” 

Congratulations to the latest Powerball multi-millionaire! 

Powerball Results

Here are the winning Powerball numbers and Powerball results for draw 1283 on Thursday 17 December 2020.

Main winning numbers: 29, 4, 17, 16, 33, 5, 9

Powerball: 13

For your chance to win, make sure you grab your Powerball draw ticket and check back for the latest Lotto Results.

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