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Wednesday Lotto Results and Winners

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Wondering where to find Wednesday Lotto results? Lotto Results is here to bring you all the previous and latest Wednesday Lotto results, statistics, and winners’ stories.

What is Wednesday Lotto?

Wednesday Lotto is a national Australian lottery that runs each Wednesday evening at 7:30pm AEST / 8:30pm AEDT. Also known as Wednesday Gold Lotto in QLD and Wednesday X Lotto in SA, Wednesday Lotto is part of Monday & Wednesday Lotto.

Every Wednesday Lotto draw has a guaranteed $1 million Division 1 prize pool for up to four winners. There are also regular special events such as Cashcade Celebrations and Double Your Win that offer players the chance to win a bigger prize.

How do I win Wednesday Lotto?

You will need to match 6 numbers from 1 to 45 to the Wednesday Lotto results, to win the Wednesday Lotto jackpot. However, matching as little as 1 main number and both supplementary numbers will win you a division prize.

Wednesday Lotto winners

Monday & Wednesday Lotto has created dozens of millionaires each year. In 2019, there were 108 division one winners who shared in $106 million! Here are just a few of our favourite Wednesday Lotto winners stories.

~ A healthcare worker from Baulkham Hills cried tears of joy after learning she is now a millionaire. Incredibly, she not only won division one, but also won division 3 twelve times, and division four 15 times – a prize total of $1,007,899.45! Anxious about the pandemic, she went for a walk and decided to get a lotto ticket. However, the new millionaire remains humble and devoted to her career, continuing to work and look after her patients.

~ Luck struck twice for a Mitchelton, Brisbane man. After the Wednesday Gold Lotto draw 3965, he received a phone call letting him know he was a division 1 winner! The man was in shock and admitted he wouldn’t have known about the $1 million win, explaining that he usually tosses his tickets in a drawer and never checking again. He was grateful for the calls and having registered his ticket. The now millionaire is excited to go on a trip later this year and grow his car collection.

~ A Dubbo local has come forward as the Wednesday Lotto winner of draw 3969. He explained that he was late checking his ticket, after more than 24 hours had gone by. After checking his results at 10pm, he had a sleepless night waiting to confirm with his newsagency. The $1 million winner recalled how he spent the night planning how he would use the funds. After losing his job due to slowing business during the pandemic, the winner is overwhelmed that he can now afford a new car and his own home.

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What are the best Wednesday Lotto numbers? 

Every number in the Wednesday Lotto draw has the same chance of being drawn. However, here are the statistics on which numbers come up the most frequently and the least frequently! Hot Numbers are numbers that have been drawn the most commonly, while Cold Numbers are numbers that have been drawn the least often. 

Hot Numbers

32 - 10 - 23 - 45 - 5 - 16

Cold Numbers

15 - 9 - 33 - 18 - 36 - 17

We hope these Wednesday Lotto statistics might help with deciding which are the best Wednesday Lotto numbers and help with choosing your next numbers to play!

Don't forget to check your Wednesday Lotto results to find out if you're a winner too! 


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