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Powerball Results: Missing $80 Million Winner

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Thursday July 9th was the largest jackpot of the year with millions of Australians hoping to win in the $80 million Powerball draw. Over 2.4 million prizes were won across all divisions, but just one lucky winner had the winning Division 1 Powerball results! Days after the draw, the search is still on for the mystery Powerball winner. Could it be you? 

The $80 million Powerball draw had both players and officials on the edge of their seat, after discovering the single winning entry belonged to an unregistered ticket. This means that the player isn’t able to be identified or contacted to confirm the lotto results of their ticket. Officials can only reveal that the winning ticket was sold in Victoria. 

The $80 million winning entry is the largest lottery prize ever won in Victoria. The prize is also equal third for the biggest lottery win in Australia. Certainly, this news has players racing to check their tickets! Check your Powerball results at Lotto Results.

Powerball Results

Are you the winner? The lotto results from Powerball draw 1260 were 33, 2, 32, 31, 28, 21, 26, and the winning Powerball was 12.

Twice in one week! 

While the search is still on for the $80 million Powerball winner, this week’s other mystery winner has now been found. Oz Lotto draw 1377 on Tuesday 7th July, 2020 also had just one Division 1 winner. The ticket belonged to an unregistered player, so officials were unable to contact the player to give them their lotto results. 

It wasn’t until Thursday morning that the winner checked her ticket and discovered she had won. The shocked woman from North Sydney had a unique experience. Not only was her ticket the winning ticket, but it was also the first lottery ticket she had ever bought! In disbelief, she explained how she decided to buy a ticket for fun while on holiday in Sussex Inlet. Her friend had called to tell her that she thought the winning ticket was from the same newsagent she bought the ticket from. A few moments later, she checked her ticket online and her life had changed forever.

Congratulations to both winners! 

Make sure you don’t miss out on millions. Find out if you could be the winner by checking your ticket results at Lotto Results. Plus, if you discover that you have a winning ticket, make sure to contact lottery officials as soon as possible to claim your prize! 

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