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OzLotto Results: Who is the $50 million winner?

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With the biggest Oz Lotto prize of the year up for grabs, the $50 million Oz Lotto draw was an exciting one for many. But just one lucky ticket holder managed to win the jackpot prize. The winning player is yet to be confirmed, so make sure you check your OzLotto results to see if it could be you!

Who is the Oz Lotto $50 million winner?

After lottery officials had completed the draw, they confirmed that there was just one Division 1 winning ticket sold. The ticket belongs to an unregistered player, meaning no contact information was available to reach out to the winner about their incredible OzLotto results. 

While there are no means of contacting the winner, officials have confirmed that the ticket belongs to a New South Wales player.

Could your ticket be the winning entry? 

OzLotto results

The Oz Lotto results from draw 1377 on Tuesday 7 July 2020 were 12, 9, 13, 7, 32, 5, and 4, with supplementary numbers 19 and 35.

To win Division 1, players need to match all 6 main numbers drawn in the Oz Lotto draw.

There was just one Division 1 winner, taking home $50 million. Fortunately, there were plenty of other division prizes to go around! A total of 925,102 prizes were won across Divisions 2 to 7 - that’s $18.6 million in prizes! 

How do I check my Oz Lotto ticket? 

If you are a New South Wales player or just want to check your ticket for other prizes, make sure to check your OzLotto results at Lotto Results. 

After checking how many numbers you matched to the drawn numbers, you can find out what prize you will receive! You'll need at least 3 main numbers and one supplementary number matching to win a division prize.

Here’s a table showing you the matches required, dividends, and number of winners from Oz Lotto draw 1377.

Division Matches required Dividends Winners
1 7 main numbers $50,000,000.00 1
2 6 main numbers, 1 supplementary $32,955.25 16
3 6 main numbers $3,730.55 291
4 5 main numbers, 1 supplementary $314.35 1,776
5 5 main numbers $41.85 15,564
6 4 main numbers $22.15 336,227
7 3 main numbers, 1 supplementary $14.60 571,228


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