Mon, Sep 19, 2011 - 9:38 am

Wolverine Breaks the Ice with the Jackman Jackpot Lottery

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Aussie actor Hugh Jackman hands out lottery tickets on the set of his new X-Men movie in order to bond with all the cast and crew.

Apparently gambling is the number one trick that this heroic star of the X-Men movies uses to help the staff feel more at ease before the hard work begins.

Jackman buys 500 lottery tickets from whichever country they are filming in. He hopes that the excitement of the lottery results in an alternate way to get to know everyone on the set and start a little buzz of excitement. You never know, one of the tickets could have the winning numbers.

“I hand them out to all the crew and cast; they all get a chance of winning the Jackman Jackpot,” he says.

"When I was starting out on films in Oz (Australia), everyone knew everyone else on the set, it was very relaxed. Then about 12 years ago I made my first film in Hollywood, and it was very different, a lot of new faces.”

So he needed a way to break the ice that didn’t involve him walking around like a politician and introducing himself to everyone.

“I came up with the lottery ticket giveaway. That broke the ice and we all established a sort of instant link. I've kept on doing it over the years."

Jackman says that of all the lottery tickets he has bought and handed out, there has only ever been one big winner….”If you can call $US110 ‘big’,” he adds.

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