Thu, Jul 24, 2014 - 5:13 am

Toowoomba woman dreamed her winning lotto numbers

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DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE! A Toowoomba woman is celebrating today after bagging over $624,000 with a lotto number combination which came to her in a dream ten years ago. 

The Division 1 winner was ecstatic to receive the news of her Saturday Lotto success but couldn't quite believe it had happened, saying she was "trembling" with excitement.

She joked that she always believed she would "win the big one, one day... now something beautiful has happened." After playing her dream numbers for the past decade, the dream has finally come true. The happy winner was unsure what to do with the windfall, but said that "property... and travel" were on the cards.

The woman is one of seven Division 1 winners across Australia, each with a share of an estimated $4 million prize pool.

The winning numbers were played on a 12 game ticket from Wilsonton Newsagency, while the other winning tickets were purchased from news outlets and online retailers in Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia.

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