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TattsLotto Results: VIC Winners’ Joy

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Saturday Lotto is a much-loved Australian lotto game, with an exciting history of making millionaires! The lottery consists of one national draw each Saturday. It’s also known as TattsLotto, Gold Lotto, and X Lotto depending on which state the player is from. Recently, one draw’s Saturday night Lotto results saw 6 winning entries, including one long-running syndicate. Here are some stories about how Saturday Lotto results and TattsLotto results (VIC) have changed these winners’ lives!

TattsLotto Results: VIC Winners

Change of luck

A man from Lower Plenty, Victoria, is crediting a string of good luck for his winning Saturday night Lotto results. The winner shared that he had been having a tough year. However, prior to winning the draw, he experienced what he believed to be a sign from above. He had been out running errands when he placed a late family member’s precious pocket knife on top of his car. Thinking he had lost or misplaced it, the man was mystified to find the knife was still there after driving for about 40 minutes! He explained, “I felt like it was a sign that someone was looking out for me”. After recounting the story and other lucky experiences to friends and family, the suggested the man get a lottery ticket.

The incredibly lucky man almost missed his chance, forgetting to stop and purchase a ticket. He further credits stopping at the Lower Plenty Newsagency for selling him the winning numbers. The winner discovered the news by checking his ticket on the lottery officials’ app. Following the message that it was a winning ticket, he deleted and reinstalled the app on his phone to confirm it was real! Amazingly, the ticket matched all 6 main numbers, leading the man to win $889,834.44.

The winner plans to live a stress-free future, much like any Australian would love. He shared his dreams to help out a few immediate family members, pay some bills, and pay off his mortgage.

“The win won’t solve all my problems, but it solves a hell of a lot!”


Old friends' syndicate

While they may no longer work together, two ex-colleagues from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs have celebrated a decade-long endeavour. The pair have held a private syndicate for ten years, and have finally struck gold with a Division 1 prize of over $889,000! Moreover, the duo’s System 7 QuickPick also won Division 3 six times, boosting their total prize winnings to $896,511.13.

Their Saturday night Lotto results were discovered after one of the players checked their results on the lottery officials’ app. They were waiting patiently for a call from officials on Monday, when they shared their lovely story. The pair had been playing a QuickPick ticket for ten weeks at a time for 10 years. One winner explained that he had tried to contact the other player by calling them multiple times until they answered.

When asked what they planned to do with the winnings, the TattsLotto winner revealed his enduring plans. They explained that due to Victorian lockdown, there isn’t really any exciting way to celebrate. However, they knew they would share some with their children and give 10% to charity.

“Whether I won $70 million of $7 million, I’ve always thought I would use 10% of it to help someone else.”


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