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Syndicate Scores with $35 Million Oz Lotto Results

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What’s better than winning the Lotto? Winning it with others in your community! The recent $35 Million Oz Lotto results had only one winning entry - shared between 10 lucky players! The winning entry was held by a syndicate from the Humpty Doo Newsagency in the Northern Territory. Ten patrons of the Humpty Doo Newsagency shared in the “Golden Oz” syndicate which won multiple divisions in the $35 Million Oz Lotto draw.

$35 Million Oz Lotto Results

The winning ticket was for the Oz Lotto jackpot on Tuesday 13 April 2021. The $35 Million Oz Lotto was draw 4139. The winning Oz Lotto numbers were as below.

Main winning numbers: 7 - 45 - 34 - 23 - 33 - 30 - 36 

Supplementary numbers: 16 - 40

The players above held the only winning entry from across the country. They held all 6 main numbers, resulting in the players winning a Division 1 prize of $35 Million!

The syndicate ticket didn’t just score the jackpot by matching all 7 main numbers. They also won Division three 21 times, Division five 63 times, and Division six 35 times! This brought the total prize won to $35,093,777.25 and meant each player takes home over $3.5 Million. Incredible! 

Meet the $35 Million Oz Lotto Winners

Lottery officials spoke to some of the winners the day after the draw. Some were unaware of the win and could barely believe the news.

“Oh my god! Thank you so much! I am in complete shock!”

The winner was overjoyed, sharing that the win, “couldn’t have come at a better time. Maybe I can buy myself a new house.” 

Another winner was also in shock and mentioned that she wasn’t even going to buy a ticket. She looks forward to upgrading her car and traveling the world in the future. 

Other members had similar reactions, with many overwhelmed and excited Humpty Doo residents sharing in the news! While many lives have now been changed, some ticket holders are unaware! Officials shared that not all members may be aware of the win, with several syndicate members having an unregistered ticket. Could you be a lucky winner? 


Congratulations to the lucky Oz Lotto winners!

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