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Supersized Superdraw winners | Victoria

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Australia truly is the lucky country! Every state except Tasmania had a Division 1 winner in the weekend’s $21,000,000 Superdraw. The latest instalment of the supersized Saturday Lotto draw, held roughly every six weeks, saw thirteen lucky punters walk away with $1.6 million in prize money.

There were three Queensland Superdraw winners, three Victorian winners, three Western Australian winners, two South Australian winners, and one winner each from New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

The first winner from the Garden State was a man from Sunbury, a northern Melbourne suburb. The lucky winner is a regular lotto player but never thought his 12-game Quickpick would win such a large prize worth $1,615,384.62.

“This is just incredible,” he said once he heard the good news. He went on to say he was putting some champagne in the fridge because he planned to “celebrate by popping the cork and enjoying a few bubbles.”

His plans for the future include paying someone else to complete his home renovations rather than “tinkering” himself. “I might even think about buying a fishing boat!” he added.

The second Victorian winner, an Oakleigh man, almost forgot to buy his regular Quickpick on the morning of the draw! He was on his way home from the shops when he caught himself just in time.

“I said to myself ‘Goodness, what are you thinking – you forgot to get your Quickpick!’” The man went back to his local newsagency to purchase the ticket which would ultimately bring him $1.6 million in prize money.

“I just kept checking my ticket thinking that surely I had made a mistake,” he said of his “unbelievable” win. He plans to “celebrate with friends over a cup of tea at the tennis club” before investing his winnings for the future.

The third big winner from Victoria, who wishes to remain completely anonymous, purchased their 24-game Quickpick from a local newsagency in Ballarat and won a total of $1,615,405.62 in multiple Divisions, including Division 1.

The winning numbers from Saturday Lotto Superdraw 3515 on Saturday 28 March 2015 were 29, 25, 13, 17, 16 and 18 plus supplementary numbers 26 and 27.

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