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Superdraw Saturday Lotto Results - September 2020

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Saturday 5 September 2020 saw another exciting Superdraw come and go. The special Saturday Lotto event is known for creating millionaires, with this draw being no exception! There were plenty of winners celebrating their Saturday Lotto results, who are now sharing in a $20 million total prize.

Lotto Numbers: Saturday

The Saturday Lotto results for draw 4083, the Superdraw on 5 September 2020, are as follows.

Main numbers: 38, 13, 2, 32, 3, and 37. 

Supplementary numbers: 36 and 29. 

To win a Division 1 prize, players need to match their 6 main numbers to the winning Saturday Lotto numbers. Incredibly, there were five winning Division 1 entries across Australia! The winners all took home a share in $20 million. 

Saturday Lotto results make new millionaires! 

The Superdraw Saturday Lotto results were the best birthday present ever for a Melton mum. Her husband had gifted her a TattsLotto ticket for the Superdraw. Little did they know, it was one of five winning Division 1 entries! She had been cooking dinner on Sunday when she realised they hadn’t checked the Saturday Lotto results. She checked her ticket, noticing a Division 6 win of $13.20. She was thankful for that prize, but when she scrolled further down she discovered the true prize value of $4,000,013.20! 

The winner was thrilled and celebrated the gift with her husband. She shared that they both work hard for their money and that the windfall didn’t seem real. While they hadn’t thought too much about how they would spend it, the winner is excited to renovate her kitchen - a previously unattainable goal that would take years to save for. She is also eager to take the family on a relaxing holiday once travel opens up. 

While 3 of the 5 winning entries belong to individual players, who are now multi-millionaires, there were also two large syndicates. One syndicate group of 58 Victorian players had a winning entry, a System 20 QuickPick that won a remarkable 6,639 prizes across all divisions! Their total prize came to $4,368,326.50, meaning each player takes home a share of over $75,000. 

Another Victorian Syndicate of 20 players was also a winning entry. Their market System 20 entry was also a multiple prize winner, resulting in a total prize of $4,151,974.90. The smaller syndicate allowed for larger individual shares, so each member will take home $207,598.75. Amazing! 

The final two winning entries are yet to be announced, though officials have shared that they both belong to Western Australia players. 

Congratulations to all the Saturday Lotto results winners! 

Have your chance to win millions and change your life! Get your ticket in the next Saturday Lotto draw and make sure to check your Saturday Lotto results with Lotto Results.

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