Wed, Jun 01, 2011 - 8:58 am

Sticking to regular Lotto numbers paid a big dividend

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The $2.1 million winners from the 21 May Saturday Lotto draw have maintained their anonymity, but have revealed a few details surrounding their win to Lotterywest.

The winners are a family syndicate of four, falling in the 40s - 60s age group, purchasing tickets at the Dog Rock Newspower in Albany.

Two of the members, a brother and sister, tell of a recent decision that paid off big time. For the last six years, the syndicate had played the same numbers.

"Our husbands wanted to change the numbers two months ago but we insisted to leave them the same. Thank goodness we did," one syndicate member said.

One of the couples plan to use their windfall to pay off mortgages, look after family, and pick out a new car, and new golf clubs.

"This win has made a major difference to our lives because we can retire five years earlier than we planned".

For the other couple, it's changes the way they'll approach their working life.

"I was looking at getting a job up on the mines to save some much needed money. It's a nice feeling knowing I don't have to be away from my wife and children now," the man said.

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