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Saturday Lotto Results: Winners and Numbers

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Saturday Lotto, also known as Tatts Lotto and X Lotto, is a much-loved Australian lottery. It offers a weekly $4 Million jackpot and regular $20 Million Superdraw events and $30 Million annual Megadraw events. We've put together a Saturday Lotto results guide with some of our favourite Saturday Lotto winner's stories for you. Plus, some statistics that might help you choose your next numbers!

Saturday Lotto Winners

Moving on up!

Back 2019, one 46-year-old man from NSW was lucky enough to win over $570,000 with his Saturday Lotto results from draw 3979. When officials contacted the man to tell him the great news, he was shocked but knew just what to do with the winnings. He had already planned on buying his neighbour's house and renovating it. What a dream come true!

Superdraw surprise

A woman from Pascoe Vale, VIC, is now beaming after her decision to buy a spur-of-the-moment Saturday Lotto ticket saw her $2,500,000 richer! The special February Superdraw event resulted in 8 lucky Division 1 winners sharing in a $20 Million prize. The humble woman was in disbelief and ecstatic that she would be able to pay her mother's mortgage and help her loved ones. While her family came first, the Superdraw winner was excited to make some plans for her own home and a well-deserved holiday. She might not be ready to retire just yet, but it's great to hear that the pressure is off and her travel plans are on!

Welcome news

After a particularly hard start to the year with the devastating bushfires, a Batemans Bay, NSW, local was shocked to learn he was one of the lucky $2,500,000 winners in the February 2020 Superdraw. He hadn't yet checked his ticket and was speechless when officials let him know the news. The winner was overwhelmed and couldn't believe that such incredible news was coming at the perfect time. He looks forward to later taking his wife on a European holiday and having her retire.

Saturday Lotto Statistics

Want some tips for getting the best Saturday Lotto results and picking your numbers? We can't guarantee it will win you the jackpot, but these hot numbers have been drawn most frequently, while the cold numbers are drawn the least.

Saturday Lotto Hot Numbers

1 - 22 - 11 - 18 - 5 - 7

Saturday Lotto Cold Numbers

2 - 44 - 14 - 28 - 30 - 17

Wanting to have as much of the jackpot to yourself as possible without having to share? These most profitable numbers and least profitable numbers give you some tips on how many players picked the numbers. The most profitable numbers resulted in bigger dividends, while the least profitable numbers were associated with smaller dividends.

Most Profitable Saturday Lotto Numbers

31 - 16 - 37 - 44 - 2 - 17

Least Profitable Saturday Lotto Numbers

25 - 12 - 24 - 29 - 36 - 11

Whatever way you choose to play your ticket, don't forget to come back and check your Saturday Lotto Results.

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