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Saturday Lotto Results - October Superdraw

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It’s been an exciting week of winners across the country after the recent Superdraw on Saturday 31 October 2020. Superdraw is a regular event for Saturday Lotto, the lottery also known as Saturday Gold Lotto, X Lotto, and TattsLotto. With a special $20,000,000 Division 1 prize pool and 10 winning entries, it’s been great to learn about the winners and what they plan to do with the funds. We’ve put together some of the best stories from the Saturday Lotto results. 

Saturday Lotto Results Make New Winners!

A Campbelltown man was in such disbelief that he thought it must have been a hoax! However, he was overjoyed upon checking the Saturday Lotto results for himself. The winner initially was quite disgruntled after having “the worst morning ever”. Fortunately, he was able to verify the call and check the lotto results on a lottery app while speaking with officials. He shared that he plays the same numbers, a combination of favourite numbers, birthdays, and anniversaries, every Saturday. The new millionaire is eager to holiday once borders open up and have a better think about how to use the funds. 

As we quite often see, there may have been ten winning Division 1 entries, but there were plenty more winners! Two entries belonged to syndicates. One syndicate from Strathfield, NSW led to nine colleagues who had been playing for four years. The leader of the syndicate was in shock, and laughed that he was going to have a hard time convincing his colleagues it was true! While the $2 million prize will be shared between the nine players, they each take home $222,222.22. The syndicate lead explained that he was excited to use the funds to set himself up for the future, putting it towards buying a house. Congratulations to the group!

Another win to be shared belonged to one of the 3 Queensland Division 1 entries; a woman from Cleveland. She explained that the win was a shock after thinking it was a smaller win and waiting to check her lotto results until Sunday evening. But the call from lottery officials on Monday was welcome news! The woman shared that she had a long-held pact with her sister, who both swore to share the prize if they won. Here’s to the new millionaires! 


Saturday Lotto Results

Saturday 31 October 2020 - Draw 4099 

Winning Lotto Numbers: 19 - 4 - 26 - 27 - 34 - 13 

Supplementaries: 6 - 15


Saturday Lotto Winners by State

NSW - 4 

QLD - 3

VIC - 2 

WA - 1


There are still unclaimed winners so make sure you head to Lotto Results to check your lotto results

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