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Saturday Lotto Numbers Bring Joy to 14 Aussies

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Saturday Lotto is known as the lottery that creates most winners. Draw 4127 on 6 February 2021 was not an exception. This Saturday the Lotto numbers fell lucky for 14 Division 1 winning entries. Each entry scooping up a total of $428.018.10 in prize money.

The lucky 14 major winners came from all over Australia, here are some of their stories. 


Melbourne grandfather's winning Saturday Lotto numbers inspired by grandkids' birthdays

A Victorian man is looking forward to retiring early and spending this retirement spoiling his family. He was oblivious to his numbers winning till he received the winning call.

“I’ve been playing those numbers for a while. They are my grandchildren’s birth dates. I can't wait to call them all and tell them the good news!"

His lucky System 8 entry also saw him win Division 3 x 12 times and Division 4 x 15 time, boosting his total prize to $433,147.35


Generous Victorian woman wants to give back to her community

Another Melbourne winner, a woman from the northern suburbs was overjoyed with her Division 1 win.

“I couldn’t believe it! It was just wonderful! I’m just so grateful. Eternally grateful."

She's been volunteering for a few years to help the less fortunate and wants to continue her work, now funded by her windfall. While she's planning to help her family and go on a holiday, she also wants to give a bit extra to those in the community who really need help.

The lucky woman saw her Saturday Lotto numbers come up on her 8-game ticket, which is her regular weekend entry.


Division 1 Victorian winner is "over the moon"

Third Victorian winner, a woman from Melton, refused to believe her luck when she checked the ticket. It wasn't until the winning call came that the news sunk in.

“We didn’t want to believe it until you confirmed it! I thought it wasn’t real. I continued doing the laundry thinking it's a mistake."

The lucky winner is looking forward to owning her home outright and going on a long-overdue holiday. The win is a huge financial relief to the family.

The woman revealed that she's also a regular player and puts down her Saturday Lotto numbers every week.


South Australian family celebrate “indescribable” win for three days

A lucky family from South Australia had finally had their luck with their regular Saturday Lotto ticket.

“We’ve been playing the same numbers for years. It’s each one of our birthdates."

When Saturday Lotto numbers rewarded their long-time ritual, the family are celebrating and looking forward to paying off their mortgage.


A Store in WA sold its 2nd Division 1 Winning Ticket in 2 Weeks

A store in Spearwood, WA sold its 2nd Divsion 1 winning ticket in just 2 weeks. This marks 21sth Division 1 win for the store.

“We're hoping to make it winner number twenty two in this weekend's $20 million Superdraw."

There were three Division 1 winners in WA, another winning entry was sold in Mirrabooka store and one online through Lotterywest.


Four Winning Tickets Online

Four Division 1 winners bought their tickets online. It's a common misconception that online tickets don’t win and have worse odds. This is completely untrue. All tickets purchased online have the same chances of winning as tickets bought in store. The benefits of buying online are convenience and ease – you can play when and wherever you like, through the app or website.


Winning Saturday Lotto numbers

The winning Saturday Lotto numbers in draw 4127 on Saturday 6 February 2021.

Main numbers: 3 - 10 - 12 - 6 - 8 - 24

Supplementaries: 36-45

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

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