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Richmond man joins rich list with Oz Lotto win

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The missing second winner of last week’s $40,000,000 Oz Lotto has been found in the aptly-named Melbourne suburb of Richmond – because he is now $20,000,000 richer!

The lucky winner – a Richmond man in his 30s who wishes to remain anonymous – admitted he had a ‘freak out’ when he realised he was one of two Division 1 winners in last week’s draw. He said he had no idea that lottery officials were even searching for a missing Oz Lotto winner, let alone that it could be him.

“I didn’t even go into the newsagency that day to buy an Oz Lotto ticket!” he said. “I was actually in there checking my TattsLotto tickets and the staff member asked me if I’d like an entry in the Oz Lotto draw!” His last minute decision paid off when his 18-game Quickpick matched the six winning numbers.

Although he was still in shock, the winner said his first move would be to “set up family,” before indulging his love of travel. “I’m still trying to register the fact that I’ve just won $20 million!” he exclaimed.

The other Division 1 winner taking home $20,000,000 was from the New South Wales town of Mittagong.

The winning numbers from Oz Lotto draw 1104 on April 14nd were 33, 24, 2, 42, 45, 12 and 3 plus supplementary numbers 19 and 6.

Last week’s $6,000,000 Powerball jackpot also went to two winners – a syndicate from Howard Springs in Darwin and a man from Ermington in Sydney.

The brand new syndicate of six, who went in on a Quickpick from a local newsagency, split their $3 million prize into a $500,000 share each. The other winner, a man in his 40s, said the news of his good fortune was “freaking him out!”

“We’ve been doing it tough for so long because we’ve always put our kids first,” he said. “This is just amazing!” His 24-game Quickpick was also purchased from a local newsagency.

The winning numbers from Powerball draw 987 on April 16th were 29, 18, 6, 27, 8 and 25 plus Powerball number 2.

Oz Lotto jackpot rolls over to $2,000,000 this Tuesday – why not try your luck? Official tickets are available online now.

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