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Retirement looks bright for Sunshine State lotto winners

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Two Queensland couples are ready to retire after they each won over $473,000 in the weekend’s $4,000,000 Saturday Lotto, or Gold Lotto as it is known in that state. Spoiled grandchildren and dream homes are now on the horizon following the amazing windfall!

The first couple, hailing from the Far North city of Cairns, were “flabbergasted” to receive the news of their Division 1 win. “My heart’s beating so fast at the moment!” said the winning wife of the “wonderful” news.

“I’ve been playing those numbers for donkey’s years,” she said, adding that she couldn’t even remember why she picked them in the first place.  “I really can’t believe this.” She indicated that her winning 4-game Standard ticket, purchased from a local newsagency, would go a long way towards funding their retirement.

The winning wife laughed that she was about to become “a very popular grandmother” and was looking forward to seeing her grandchildren benefit from their money. Her husband was also reportedly very excited, whispering in her ear that a new car was on his wish list.

The second couple, located in Brisbane’s bayside suburb of Brighton, are also ready to put their feet up and enjoy their golden years. “After a bad year last year, everything is looking up!” said the winning wife.

After her husband called her at work on Sunday to inform her of their $473,896.05 prize, the winning wife was in such disbelief that her husband had to bring the winning 24-game Quickpick down in person to convince her it was real!

“I had a lot of trouble concentrating at work after that,” she said, adding that her husband had barely got a wink of sleep that night.

The “wonderful” winnings will be used to finance their dream home and early retirement.

There were seven other Division 1 winners in the March 21 draw; two from Queensland, three from Victoria, and one each in New South Wales, Northern Territory, and Western Australia.

The winning numbers from Saturday Gold Lotto draw 3513 on Saturday 21 March 2015 were 12, 39, 2, 11, 24 and 16 plus supplementary numbers 42 and 43.

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