Thu, Nov 03, 2011 - 7:00 am

Redland Bay Great Grandmother is a lotto Millionare

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A great grandmother from Wynnum is beside herself with excitement after winning $1 Million in the Wednesday Gold Lotto.

In this same week another couple from the neighbouring suburb of Redland Bay scooped up their share of the division one prize of $849,232.51 in the Saturday Lotto draw.

The great grandmother who won’t disclose her age (a lady never tells) said that she was watching the Saturday Lotto draw and was elated when all of her numbers just kept on coming up.

“My sister was with me at the time and I remember saying to her – I’ve got four numbers, oh I’ve got five, oh my goodness I’ve got all six!” the woman said.

“I was so excited after the draw that I simply didn’t know what to do with myself.

“I was pacing around the lounge room in circles like a chook with its head cut off! I didn’t get much sleep last night!

“This is just incredible news. I mean, who in their lifetime wins one million dollars!”

The winning 36 game Jumbo Quickpick ticket was purchased on a whim from Nextra Moreton Bay News in the Wynnum Shopping Centre.“We were walking around Wynnum Shopping Centre and I told her I wanted to buy a lotto entry as

I had a feeling I was going to win the jackpot,” the woman said.

“It pays to trust your instincts!”

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