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Victorian and Queensland Winners share $15 Million Powerball Jackpot

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The winning streak continues with one lucky member winning $7,549,134.04 in last Thursday's Powerball jackpot. 

The winner was one of two players to share Draw 965 Division 1 Prize of $15 Million.

A Customer Support team member from rang the female Victorian winner in her 30s Friday morning to tell her about the win. 

The Winner answered the call as she was about to start a fitness class - having no idea she had won millions! 

After we told her of the win, shock was expressed and tears started to flow. 

Soon reality started to set in and she decided she wasn't going to fitness class anymore - she was going to buy a bottle of champagne and surprise her husband with the good news! 

The second winner of the night was a Gold Coast woman in her 40s.

Right before heading to bed, the winner checked the Powerball results and recognised her numbers straight away. After the shock of seeing her numbers drawn there was no sleep to be had! The winner said she'd stayed awake all night 'working out what I'll do with my Powerball prize money'. 

She confirmed she was going to buy a home with an ocean view, because it is something she's always wanted. Then she wished to be of assistance to her family, confirming she'll 'give some money to family and some to charity'. 

To treat herself the winner said she'll plan a life long dream holiday to Europe, never having the money or time to do so before. We wonder if we can squeeze in her suitcase!

She takes home total winnings of $7,903,348.19 for her PowerHit entry. Due to the ticket playing 6 numbers against every possible Powerball combination the winner's prize amount includes $354,214.15 in Division 2 -  8 prizes. 

The results of 13 November 2014 Powerball Draw 965 were 5, 7, 19, 4, 14, 28 with Powerball 18. 

In other winner's news, two Queensland players became millionaires from Wednesday Lotto. Tickets for Wednesday 13 November draw were purchased in Beaudesert and Darra, a suburb in the south of Brisbane. 

The Beaudesert winner is a tradie in his 50s and expressed his delight at the win. 'This means so much to me. I'm a tradie so I've had the worst year. My wife is going to be so happy when I tell her!'.

He confirmed the first thing he will do with the win is pay off their mortgage. He also expressed that the win will allow him to share his finances and time with his children.  

Monday Lotto offer up to 4 people the chance to win $1,000,000 every week. Players can select their lucky numbers or purchase a randomly selected quickpick ticket.  

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