Fri, Jun 13, 2014 - 10:07 am

Powerball's $25 Million Jackpot prize is shared amongst 25 sydnicate ticket holders

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This week 25 residents of Cabramatta, south western Sydney are sharing a Powerball’s win of $25 Million!

Mitchum and Mitchum Newsagency offered a PowerHit System 9 ticket syndication with 25 shares and now these 25 people are each millionaires!

The total prize totalled $25,552,556.10 which gives each lotto winner $1,022,102.24.

Ms Huang, owner of the newsagencies said the suburb was buzzing with the news. She said the area is a ‘suburb of battlers’ so it is wonderful to know that the jackpot was shared by so many winners.

We’re sure there will be quite a few new cars driving through the neighbourhood soon!

A PowerHit ticket gives the consumer a guarantee of holding the winning Powerball by playing 6 numbers with 20 possible Powerball combinations.

A System 9 ticket plays 9 numbers in all 6 possible number combinations, giving a PowerHit System 9 ticket the equivalent of 1680 standard panels.

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