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OzLotto Results Surprise Salisbury Man

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Winning the lottery is something we all dream about. But only a small group of lucky players are able to claim that their OzLotto results have changed their lives. A man from Salisbury, SA is celebrating this week after he won $2.4 million in a recent Oz Lotto draw.

Like many winners, the Oz Lotto winner was completely unaware that his ticket was the sole winning entry. It wasn’t until lottery officials gave him a call the next day that he learned the life-changing news. After confirming the results, the man couldn’t contain his excitement. He shared that he was shocked and shaking, and hadn’t expected the outcome when he answered the phone.

Unsure what to say, the new multi-millionaire explained that he plays online regularly but different games. His QuickPick entry was the only entry to match all 7 winning Oz Lotto numbers. 

Lottery officials asked if he had any idea what he would spend the windfall on. He is excited to pay off his home loan, take a holiday, and cut back on work a little. The winner shared that he runs a business with his partner, and has been working extremely hard to bring in business. The prize funds will help take some pressure off and help financially.

While the Oz Lotto winner is still firming up his plans, he was eager to share the news with his wife and make his dinner plans. 

“We’ll definitely be getting takeaway tonight to celebrate!”

OzLotto Results

The lucky winner was the only Division 1 winning entry in Oz Lotto draw 1397 on Tuesday 24 November 2020. One game on his entry matched all 7 main numbers.

Winning Oz Lotto numbers: 35 - 31 - 26 - 9 - 17 - 25 - 15 

Supplementaries: 12 - 2

He takes home a total prize of $2,496,744.04.


Congratulations on your fantastic OzLotto results! 


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