Tue, Apr 14, 2015 - 10:25 pm

Oz Lotto winner is Mittagong's newest multi-millionaire

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A man from the Southern Highlands town of Mittagong was one of two winners in last night’s massive $40,000,000 Oz Lotto draw – and the news kept him up all night!

“I checked my ticket so many times from 11pm to 2am!” he exclaimed. “I’ve had butterflies in my stomach ever since.” And no wonder - his Division 1 prize is worth a staggering $20,000,000.

When the lucky winner realised his ticket matched the winning numbers, he raced into the bedroom to wake his sleeping wife and tell her “we’d won Oz Lotto!” Still stunned, she replied that “this doesn’t happen to us!” The winner’s response? “Well, it just did!”

The lucky winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a regular Oz Lotto player who purchases tickets from a local newsagency. His 50-game Quickpick has made him and his wife millionaires twenty times over, and will make their lives “so much easier.”

“We’ve had some bad times, and it’s been a struggle for us,” the man admitted. He said they were still deciding the best way to utilise their once-in-a-lifetime windfall, but intended to invest at least “some of it.”

The other Division 1 winner taking home $20,000,000 has yet to be identified, but the winning ticket was sold in Victoria.

The winning numbers from Oz Lotto draw 1104 on April 14nd were 33, 24, 2, 42, 45, 12 and 3 plus supplementary numbers 19 and 6. Powerball jackpot rolls over to $6,000,000 this Thursday – why not try your luck? Official tickets are available online now.

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