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Oz Lotto Results Floor Victorian Winner

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The $15 Million Oz Lotto on Tuesday 4 May 2021 was a great draw for many players. In particular, the three lucky Division 1 winners! The three players will share in the jackpot, meaning they are taking home an incredible $5 Million each. One of the new millionaires shared his winner’s story with officials. 

$15 Million Oz Lotto Winner

Three Aussie’s are overjoyed to learn their Oz Lotto results, following the $15 Million draw. One of the winners, a man from Cranbourne, Victoria spoke with officials shortly after the draw. 

“I literally just found out! I am in complete shock. I just walked into the newsagency to check my ticket as I was out getting a coffee.”

The Melbourne man shared how he was speechless after discovering his results. After handing his ticket to the newsagent worker, he noticed her puzzled look and asked what was wrong.

“She had this huge smile on her face and said ‘you’ve won division one! You’re a multi-millionaire!’. 

Despite saying he had always said he would win the lotto, the winner was overwhelmed. The man explained how he just dropped to the floor and screamed, shaking with excitement at the insane news. 

When asked if he had any plans for spending the winnings, he was certain of one thing. The winner declared that the prize was all for his number one priority - his family. 

“All I can think about is my kids right now. I just want to look after them and set them up for the future. They’re my only priority.”

The generous father shared that he wasn’t sure about further plans or spending for himself. However, he is eager to celebrate in the near future after he’s had some time to think. 

Oz Lotto Results Draw 1420

The $15 Million Oz Lotto draw 1420 was held on Tuesday 4 May 2021. There were 336,451 winners across all Divisions, with three Division 1 winners.

Main winning numbers: 38 - 2 - 34 - 8 - 20 - 18 - 15

Supplementary numbers: 6 - 37

Congratulations to the Oz Lotto winners!

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