Wed, May 07, 2014 - 5:24 am

$15 Million Oz Lotto Jackpot this Tuesday

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This Tuesday Oz Lotto jackpots to a huge $15,000,000! 

What would you do if you became the next big winner? 

We asked 500 people would they keep their job if they won lotto.

Surprisingly majority of respondents said they would continue working if they became a millionaire! 

25% said they were very happy with their current job wouldn't quit if they won the lottery.

10% of respondents said they would like to continue working, but would change their jobs to either a less stressful role or a job they are more passionate about (as money would no longer be a concern!).

Another 37% of people said if they won lotto they would take the plunge and start their own business - which is fantastic to hear. Could you imagine spending everyday pursuing what you love most? 

Would you continue working if you had a money tree growing in your backyard?

Now is the chance to get your entry into this week's big Oz Lotto draw. Tickets are on sale at OzLotteries until 7pm AEST Tuesday 13th of May. 


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