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NSW Lotto Results and Winners

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Are you looking for NSW lotto results? While winning the lotto would be a dream come true, it can also be exciting to learn that someone in your community has won a life-changing prize! Many lottery players are interested to know which retailer has sold lucky Division 1 winning tickets. Whether you are a NSW local or just interested in winners’ stories, we’ve found some of the recent NSW lotto winners to share their stories with you! 

About state lottery results and draws

While some games such as Lotto are branded differently depending on your state, NSW lottery results and other states’ results all come from one national draw. This means that NSW lotto results will be the same as QLD lotto results or VIC lottery results, regardless of the name. 

NSW Lotto Winners

Lake Macquarie man’s weekend win

A man from Lake Macquarie struggled to believe the NSW lotto results when he discovered his ticket had won $502,546! His ticket was one of ten winning entries across Australia in Saturday Lotto draw 4055. The retiree was in disbelief but extremely grateful after learning the news when he decided to pop into his newsagent to check his lotto results. When officials asked the man how he hopes to use his prize, the man was certain that he wanted to share some with his family. He also hopes to buy a new push bike and would love to, “go on a holiday or two when everything gets going again”. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Charlestown Square Newsagency. A team member at the store was thrilled for the regular customer and shared that it had been two years exactly since their last Division 1 winning entry. How exciting! 

Happy headache for Surry Hills man

Like many winners, a Surry Hills man was shocked to learn that the missed calls he had ignored were actually from lottery officials. He admitted he had thought they were from salespeople. Only after receiving his NSW Lotto results via email did he realise the million-dollar news! The Sydney player was the sole winner of Wednesday Lotto draw 3975, landing him a Division 1 prize of $1 million. After checking his ticket several times, the winner had a few beers to celebrate while he waited to confirm the next day with officials.

I just feel like this is all a dream! It’s given me a happy headache!”. The thrilled winner shared that he had been thinking of how to enjoy his million-dollar prize. He admitted while he was overwhelmed, it would definitely be used to pay off his mortgage and save for his children, retirement, and perhaps a holiday home. 

The winning System 7 ticket was purchased from Devonshire Street Newsagency in Surry Hills, Sydney. The manager was overjoyed for the customer and excited that they had sold the ticket for their biggest prize ever.

Nowra family syndicate celebrates

A family syndicate from Nowra are celebrating a magnificent win in Wednesday Lotto draw 3977. The winning entry was one of five Division 1 winners across Australia. Not only did they win an $800,000 Division 1 prize, but also twelve Division 3 prizes, and fifteen Division 4 prizes, resulting in a total prize of $805,145.45.

Lottery officials spoke to the syndicate leader who shared that he had already discovered the NSW lottery results after checking the results shortly after the draw. He revealed he checked the ticket several times to confirm before calling his family to break the news. Understandably, they were shocked! However, the family were excited by the thrilling news and spent the morning making plans for how to enjoy their prize.

“We are all going to put our prizes towards our mortgages. Then there’s a few other little things we want to do, just to spoil ourselves.” 

The marked System entry ticket was purchased at Sturgiss Newsagency in Nowra. The store manager was overjoyed for the family, noting that Nowra is a tight-knit community. She wished that the win helps make the family’s dreams come true, feeling happy to have sold the winning ticket.

Will your next NSW lotto results bring you some winning news? Make sure to check your NSW lottery results at Lotto Results to find out! 

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