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Meet the May Superdraw Winners

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Saturday the 9th of May, 2020 was a special occasion for many Australians, celebrating all the incredible mothers in our lives. Yet for eleven lucky Superdraw winners, the day is one they will never forget! Eleven winners shared in the $20 million Superdraw jackpot, with each division one winner taking home $1,818,181.82. Check out the Superdraw results and read about the lucky Superdraw winners. 

What is Superdraw? 

Superdraw is a regular special event for Saturday Lotto players, where ticket holders have a chance to share in an increased jackpot of $20 million. Saturday Lotto, also known as X Lotto and TattsLotto, usually offers a $4 million jackpot. With a higher jackpot to win a share in, Superdraw is a great way to make more millionaires! 

In fact, in 2019 Saturday Lotto had 289 division one winners from around Australia. Together they won over $333.41 million. Now that’s a lot of new millionaires! 

What were the May Superdraw results? 

The winning Saturday Lotto numbers for Saturday TattsLotto draw 4049 on Saturday 9 May 2020 were: 

35 - 39 - 38 - 22 - 21 -7 

The supplementary numbers were 34 and 44

Who are the May Superdraw winners? 

While many Australians entered the draw, it was just eleven people who matched all 6 main winning numbers on their tickets. Four winners were from Victoria, three from New South Wales, two were from Western Australia, one for South Australia, and one from Queensland. 

One of the $1.8 million winners was a woman from Gawler, SA, who had an unforgettable Mother’s Day. The great-grandmother checked her Saturday X Lotto results with her husband, initially thinking she had only matched five of the six required to win. However, she decided to check her Saturday X Lotto numbers again and discovered she had won division one after all. The regular player shared how she had been playing the same numbers, originally picked at random, for about 20 years. After buying some champagne, the Superdraw winner is hoping to buy a house for her and her partner and share her win with her loving family. 

A retiree from Frankston, VIC, was overjoyed to learn that he was one of the eleven Superdraw winners. After checking his Saturday TattsLotto results early Sunday morning, the new millionaire couldn’t believe his eyes. He was so flustered that when he spoke with his son on the phone, the son asked if he was having a heart attack! Fortunately, the winner is only suffering from a lack of sleep since discovering the exciting news. He spoke of how he had used the sleepless night to decide how he would spend the money. The winner is looking forward to doing some home renovations so he can live comfortably in his retirement. Half of his winnings will also go towards helping his kids pay off their mortgages and buy new cars, while anything left over will go to his super.

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

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