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Lucky Lottery Winner Stories

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Every lottery game that is played has winners; some may only win a little, while others have won massive amounts of money. It must be an absolute out of this world feeling to know that you have the winning combination of numbers in your hot little hands; knowing that you have just become an instant millionaire. Imagine the thoughts that must rush through people’s heads in that single moment.

We come across a lot of winner’s stories and the feelings, reactions and emotions involved vary greatly from story to story. They are always a great read and can be somewhat inspiring to the avid lottery player to know that people actually do win. One woman who recently won over $24 million in the United States said that she wouldn’t have played the game if she didn’t think she was going to win. Good point!

We love hearing about what people end up doing with their millions, it answers that question that is often a topic of conversation or the theme of some daydreams and one that we have all asked ourselves at some point ‘What would I do if I won the Lottery?’

In the UK, a retired school Governor decided to buy his first car, again; with his £3.5million jackpot win he decided that he would buy the latest model of his very first car, the Mini Cooper. A kind Australian woman is going to share her $30 million Powerball win with her friends and family. Whilst in New Zealand a married couple are going to celebrate their $1 million winwith their upcoming wedding anniversary.

Sometimes we even get the unthinkable – a million dollar jackpot going unclaimed! Such as the $333,333.000 ticket in Canada that no one claimed and meaning that it would have to go to the growing unclaimed lotteries fund in Canada.

Have you or do you know someone who has ever won the lottery? What would you do if you won the lottery?

Send us your stories or daydreams on what you would do if you won, and let us know of any amazing lotto winning stories that you

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