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Life-changing Oz Lotto Results for Country Girl

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A Drouin, VIC woman is in shock after learning her Oz Lotto results had made her over $20 million richer overnight! After a recent run of bad luck, the winner is stunned by the life-changing event.

Oz Lotto winning numbers

With just 7 lotto numbers, her life has changed forever. The winner explained that her numbers consisted of her birthday and other sentimental things. Funnily enough, she explained that she chose them so long ago she doesn’t remember why she did!

The Oz Lotto winning numbers for draw 1387 on Tuesday 15 September 2020, were: 18, 44, 31, 41, 2, 10, and 36, with supplementary numbers 5 and 23.

“We’ve been playing for a long time. I always play the same numbers… for about 20 years I’d say.”

The lucky winner not only takes home the $20 million Division 1 prize, but also seven Division 3 prizes! Her total prize comes to $20,027,765.85.

Eager to celebrate

The self-proclaimed ‘country girl’ was quick to confirm she would keep working. Where most multi-millionaires would happily retire, she explained that she couldn’t give it up that easily. After working for the past 30 years, she is happy to be able to share the winnings with her family.

Excitedly, the Drouin woman also shared how she planned to spend the winnings. She noted how she is in need of a new car to begin with. However, as a Victorian resident, it was the fortunate timing of restrictions easing that she was most excited about.

“I’m looking forward to a meal at the pub to celebrate!”

We’re sure it was an incredible night out!

The lucky winner played a marked System 8 ticket from her local store, Drouin Lotto & Cards. The store owner shared in the excitement, eager to celebrate the Division 1 win with his customers.

If you would like the chance to win like this Oz Lotto winner, make sure you grab your Oz Lotto ticket and check back after the draw for the winning Oz Lotto results!

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