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June Superdraw Lotto Results and Winners

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June’s Saturday Superdraw lotto results created more winners than ever before, with a record-breaking 27 winning Division 1 tickets. The special Saturday Lotto event is always popular with Australians, giving players the chance to win a share in $20 Million, rather than the standard $4 Million Division 1 prize pool. However, Saturday June 20, 2020 will be a day to remember for many! With 27 winning entries taking out the top prize, each winning ticket won a life-changing $740,740.74! We’ve pulled together some of our favourite winner’s stories from across Australia for you to enjoy.

Superdraw Winners

Super Syndicates

The number of Division 1 winning entries was a record at 27. However, the number of winners was even higher! Three of the winning entries were for three lotto syndicate groups. 

- 20 Newcastle locals are celebrating winning nearly close to $40,000 each after their System 10 QuickPick won Division 1 and multiple prizes across divisions 2-5.  

- In Adelaide, five Seaford residents will share the prize. They each take home a share worth $148,148.15! Lottery officials have shared that as some players in the syndicate are not registered, they may not know their lotto results yet. Make sure to check your ticket if you haven’t already! 

- An incredible 89 Sydney residents also shared in their Superdraw winnings. The syndicate entry was a marked System 17 ticket sold in several stores across Sydney. The syndicate had further wins of Division Three 66 times and Division Four 825 times boosting their total win to $810,664.45. 

Screaming for joy!

While some winners learned the good news shortly after the draw, others were delighted by the surprising news. After learning he had won Division 1 with his Saturday Lotto results, one man from Lutwyche screamed so loudly his neighbours came to check if something was wrong! The Brisbane local discovered the news moments before a call from lottery officials. He admitted that he was talking to a friend who told him the lotto results, before thinking that he had a few of the numbers. He called his son to check and checked himself again before finally believing the incredible news!

When officials asked how he planned to spend the winnings, the overjoyed Queenslander explained that he was, “so sick of renting, so I think I am going to buy myself a little home.” He also plans to share the windfall by celebrating with friends and a bar tab. 

Lucky gems

A Henley Beach couple are celebrating their Division 1 Saturday X Lotto win, after a call from officials. After playing for years, the husband is now glad his wife ignored his suggestions to stop playing! The Superdraw winner is thanking a change of luck after deciding to place gemstones on top of his tickets for positive energy. He also credits advice received from a ‘very spiritual lady’ that his home's fake plants were bad luck, leading him to get rid of them all. The winner said, “I think we need to thank her because we’ve certainly come into some luck now!”

While the winner was thrilled to receive the news, he shared that the couple plan to use the prize money wisely. Paying off the mortgage and a new car are on the cards, with the man noting that it is amazing to have some financial pressure lifted. 

What were the June Superdraw lotto results?

Lotto results for Saturday Lotto draw 4061 on Saturday 20 June 2020 were 22, 17, 19, 29, 9 and 11. The winning supplementary numbers were 14 and 21. 

Where are the June Superdraw winners from? 

State                Number of winners

VIC                  10

QLD                 5   

NSW/ACT         5

WA                   4

SA                    3

TOTAL             27

These are just a few of our favourite winner’s stories, but there are certainly plenty of overjoyed winners from Saturday Lotto’s June Superdraw. In fact, some winners are yet to claim their winnings! Make sure to check your ticket and find out if your lotto results could see you winning big too.

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