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July Superdraw Lotto Results

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Saturday 25 July, 2020 saw another exciting Superdraw! This special Saturday Lotto event is held regularly and offers players the chance to win a share in $20 million, rather than the standard $4 million Division 1 prize pool. To round off an incredible draw, we’ve pulled together the Superdraw lotto results, statistics, and winners stories. 


Superdraw Lotto Results

The lotto numbers for draw 4071 on Saturday 25 July, 2020 are below.

Main numbers: 37 44 32 9 16 6

Supplementary numbers: 11 12

There were 10 entries that correctly matched all 6 main numbers. They will now share in the $20 million prize pool, resulting in a Division 1 prize of $2 million each! 


Where are the Superdraw winners from?

The Division 1 winning entries are from:

NSW - 4 (including 1 syndicate of 12 people)

VIC - 3 (including 1 syndicate of 2 people)

TAS - 1

SA - 1 

WA - 1


Superdraw lotto winners

Eight entries belonged to individual players, while two syndicates also had the winning lotto result. 

A private syndicate consisting of two Victorian workmates didn’t realise they had won until the Monday morning after the draw. Their Saturday Lotto Results (NSW) for the July Superdraw meant the colleagues will share in $2 million and that they are now millionaires! The syndicate leader explained that they were both still in shock and would have trouble concentrating at work. When asked how they were planning to use their winnings, they shared differing plans. One winner planned to retire, while the other hopes to pay off his mortgage and continue working. 

Another winning syndicate of 12 New South Wales lottery players are reeling after learning their life-changing news. Incredibly, their System 10 QuickPick entry won Division one, as well as Division three 24 times, Division four 90 times, and Division five 15 times! With a total prize of $2,031,198.20, each player is taking home $169,266.53! The shares in the syndicate were all purchased at different outlets in NSW. Some players in the syndicate are yet to discover their lotto result, so make sure to check your Saturday Lotto results NSW

A Melbourne man is thrilled after learning the Superdraw lotto results, sharing that it had come at the perfect time for him and his family. The winner was recently stood-down as an airline worker due to COVID-19. He recounted that he decided to buy a ticket after seeing the $20 million Superdraw, and thinking to himself, “I wouldn’t mind a share of that!’. The winner discovered the incredible $2 million win while sitting at home with his family on the night of the draw. After checking his ticket, he didn’t believe his eyes and asked his wife to check as well. With current restrictions in Melbourne, the family could only celebrate within their home, popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate instead. The winner hasn’t made any plans at the moment, but is hoping to look at moving to a new home in the future. 

Congratulations to all the lucky winners! 

Some winners are yet to come forward, so if you had a ticket in the Saturday Superdraw, make sure to check your lotto result!

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