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Gold Lotto Results Pay Off for Queenslanders

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July has been an exciting month for Queenslanders, with many taking home big wins with their Gold Lotto results! We put together some of our favourite stories this month to celebrate their wins.

Saturday Gold Lotto winner

It was Logan lucky for this Saturday Gold Lotto player, after his ticket brought home almost $1 Million! There were screams of delight after discovering his Gold Lotto results in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 4173 on 17 July 2021. The Queenslander held one of six Division 1 winning entries, with each winner taking home $999,822.93! Despite being just short of an overnight millionaire, the winner has been continuing to go to work.

“I’m not ready to retire just yet, but I will definitely buy myself a new car and maybe even a house!”

Another Saturday Gold Lotto winner

Unlike the other QLD Saturday Lotto winner, this lucky winner was quick to retire. Within 24 hours of discovering the Gold Lotto results, he had handed in his resignation letter! It was certainly a shock when the Sunshine Coast local learned his results from the Saturday Gold Lotto draw 4171 on 10 July 2021. He held one of eight Division 1 winning entries, with each entry taking home $756,133.42. The Caloundra winner is looking forward to retiring and buying some land where he can build a new home.

Wednesday Gold Lotto winner

A New Farm local is planning how he can spend his $1 Million Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto prize. After winning the only top prize in draw 4093 on 7 July 2021, he has become an overnight millionaire! The Brisbane man explained that the prize will certainly ease the pressure. While deciding whether to retire or not this year, the financial stress will of course help. However, he did mention that once travel opens up again, the splurging might take off.

“I don’t think I will ever travel economy again. Business class flights will be my splurge!”

Congratulations to all the Gold Lotto winners!

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