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Australia's Biggest Wins from Lotto Results

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It’s the ultimate dream for many Australians – winning millions from your lotto results! You could buy a new home, set your family up with everything they need, or just live comfortably without financial worries. How much would you want to win? What would you buy with it? To give you some inspiration, we’re bringing you some of Australia’s biggest lottery wins and records.

Biggest Lotto Jackpot

The highest Australian lotto jackpot was the $150 Million Powerball on the 19th of September 2019. The massive windfall was won by three people, including two QLD winners and a family man from NSW. 

Previously, the record jackpot amount was held by Oz Lotto with a November 2012 jackpot offering $112 million. Four lucky winners shared in the prize, including families from QLD, ACT, and VIC, plus a Syndicate of 80 people!

Biggest Lotto Win

While the $150 Million Powerball broke the record for highest jackpot, it doesn’t beat the record for the largest lotto win. That record belongs to a Sydney woman who won an astonishing $107 million with Powerball in January 2019. The humble woman is a healthcare worker and despite becoming a multi-millionaire, is dedicated to continue working

Most Millionaire Winners

Ever wondered which lotto has the most millionaire winners each draw? While Powerball and Oz Lotto certainly have the highest jackpots, their higher odds mean fewer Division 1 winners. For better odds at winning a prize of $1 million or more, you can’t look past Saturday Lotto and its special events. Saturday Superdraw events are held regularly throughout the year and give players the chance to win a share in $20 Million! That’s up to 20 millionaires from one draw. Could you be one of the lucky ones?

Saturday Lotto events also include Million-YEAH! events, where the Division 1 prize pool is increased, and Megadraws. Megadraw events are held just once a year and can create the most millionaires, offering a $30 Million jackpot.

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