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$5 Jackpot (NSW)

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About $5 Jackpot (NSW)

  • Game Type:Raffle
  • Days Drawn: Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Friday
  • Participating States:New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory

How to Play $5 Jackpot (NSW)

180,000 individually numbered tickets are sold, with each lottery draw taking place once all tickets are sold. First prize is $200,000, second prize is $20,000 and third prize is $5,000. These are never shared, as prizes in the $5 Jackpot Lottery are won by individual ticket numbers.

The win the Jackpot, one number is drawn from the full 180,000, and if that number is again drawn for any of the 3,810 subsequent cash prizes, then that number wins the jackpot. The Jackpot is never less than $1 million - if the jackpot is not won, it increases by

$250,000 for each draw.